Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sohrab’s attitude or Mahesh Bhupati behind Sania's engagement break?

Sania & Sohrab were engaged in last July but they called it off last week over compatibility issues as informed by his Sania’s father Imran Mirza. But according to our sources Sania blames Sohrab for the break-up. The 23-year old has said to her friends that she didn’t like Sohrab’s attitude and his verbal reactions post-engagement.
Though rumors are making rounds that Sohrab didn’t liked Sania spending much of her time with Mahesh Bhupati (well you can speculate whether its for professional reason or personal). But a source close to Sania was quoted by newspapers saying: “Though Sohrab’s family is definitely richer than Sania’s, there is a difference in the stature. This automatically brings in the lifestyle issues.”
Sania’s father has told the reporters previously that they were incompatible since they got engaged in July, as he stated: “It was very much a mutual decision. Sania has already said there was incompatible.

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