Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sania Mirza collects Pak visa, next what Pak citizenship?

 Sania Mirza flew into the capital on Tuesday on a brief visit to get her visa to Pakistan where a post-wedding reception is scheduled next month.

Accompanied by her mother, the 23-year-old Mirza, went to the Pakistan High Commission and completed the formalities.

"We have got the visa. We are happy. Now that we have got the visa, we will be travelling to Pakistan", her mother Nasima Mirza told reporters.

Sania herself declined to comment on the impending marriage. "I am not answering any questions", she told reporters.

Nasima said the family was very happy with Sania's decision. "We are very happy about her decision. We are all with her and Inshallah we wish all the best to her," she said.

Her mother refused to talk about Sania's previous engagement with childhood friend Sohrab Mirza. "I don't want to comment on what all happened in the past and we should all look ahead," she said.

After Pakistani news channel Geo TV broke the news, the Mirza household confirmed the development late in the night through a statement.

A statement by Sania's father Imran Mirza said Sania and Malik will be based in Dubai, where the cricketer is a resident.

"This is a unique case where the husband and wife will represent their respective countries in sport," Imran said in the statement.

"My wedding Inshallah is going to be the biggest day of my life. I have been in the constant glare for too long and would appreciate privacy at this very personal moment in my life," Sania was quoted as having said in a statement.

While the marriage is likely to be held on April 11 or 12 in Hyderabad, the 'Walima' or reception is expected to be held in Lahore on April 16 or 17.


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